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PDF 1000 (Code: fit-pdf)

PDF-1000 Precision Driven Frequency. 3 Precision Frequencies Advanced Harmonics Distribution Target Reflection Nullifier (TRN) Target I.D. One Full Year Warranty Closer View of PDF-1000
Manufacturer: fitzgerald

    PDF 1000

Precision Driven Frequency
3 Precision Frequencies
Advanced Harmonics Distribution
Target Reflection Nullifier (TRN)
Target I.D
One Full Year Warranty
Closer View of PDF-1000


Internal Power
Supply: Sealed rechargeable 12 volt lead-acid battery

Charger: 12 volt automatic float

Transmitter / case: Waterproof hard case (10" x 9.5" X 5")

Frequency resolution: .00005 Hz/crystal controlled

Frequency accuracy: +/- 20 ppm/crystal controlled

Operating temperature range: 0 to 70 degrees Celsius

Operating time per charge: Approx. 12 hrs continuous or 25 hrs intermittent use

Tuned collapsible antenna

Low battery indicator light

Heavy duty ground probe and cables

External battery patch cords

Cigarette lighter adapter patch cord

Custom receiver rods

Complete and easy to follow instruction manual

6 lbs



$100 Shipping
in the USA

To have
about the

Exclusive features found only on the PDF-1000 allow you to quickly set-up and search an area for up to 10 miles in all directions and 200 feet in depth. If a target is present, you will know immediately if you have refined gold, natural or all gold, or silver, regardless of what you target is buried in (tunnel, iron, wood, glass, steel, etc.). This is accomplished using our exclusive precision frequencies (accurate to 1/10,000 Hz) and totally new advanced harmonics distribution.
Next the TRN circuit will shift your target to its correct location at the same time letting you know its apprx size. With a flip of a switch the target I.D. will then evaluate your target, to verify treasure "before you dig!"

The PDF-1000 also has Variable Voltage Output, which allows you to expand or decrease your search area. This feature alone will be of great value for large targets found in locations such as Greece, the Philippines, Mexico and right here in the USA. We have also found this to be very useful for weather conditions - allowing you to fine-tune the locator to your situation.

All controls are located on the top panel making this unit extremely user friendly. The components are all housed in a waterproof Pelican case (including the rechargeable internal battery). The PDF has been tested to determine depth to 200 feet plus and has a range to 10 miles plus on large targets.

Exclusive Features:

3 Precision Frequencies
To 1/10,000 Hz
- refined gold, all gold, all silver

Advanced Harmonics Distribution
- New wavelength that increases
depth and discrimination,
eliminating hot rocks and
other unwanted items

Target Reflection Nullifier (TRN)
- This is "A MUST" on any long
range locator. This feature shifts
the signal line to the correct
location and determines the
size of the target

Target I.D. - Used to evaluate
whether the target is actually
a valid target to dig

Output Voltage Range
- Used for increasing or
decreasing the search area,
depth capability & stormy conditions

Easy Access Top Panel -
All controls conveniently located
on the top panel board

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