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THE PRECISION MASTER ROD (Code: simmon-master rod)

THE PRECISION-MASTER ROD precision master rod kit, dowsing depth treasure finder, Precision master rod INSTRUMENT COMES WITH ACCESSORIES SHOWN ABOVE
Manufacturer: simmonss


precision master rod kit, dowsing depth treasure finder, Precision master rod

The Precision Master Rod is a uniquely designed dowsing rod, some call it a divining rod, for the treasure hunter, both professional and beginner. The Precision Master Rod uses a small amount of radiant energy mineral ore to stimulate the crystals in the power tube making an accurate instrument for establishing locations and depths for metals and minerals

Reports from customers using this powerful instrument are enthusiastic and say they get a strong reaction when using it. Our field tests have given very favorable results and we feel that the Precision Master Rod is a substantial improvement over the Universal Antenna Rod. While this power tube is very strong remember that the most important factor if getting a strong dowsing reaction is the field is to get as close to your item of search as you can. There is not another comparable dowsing instrument to the Precision Master Rod, as you will discover when it is in your hand. The Precision Master Rod allows the versatility for use in the search of a variety of individual metals or minerals. By installing a small sample of the item you are searching for into the sample compartment at the tip of the tube; then you can use it to search for a treasure or mineral deposit that contains that same kind of material. For example, if you are searching for gold, you will install a small sample of gold into the sample compartment. You can use this instrument to search for gold, silver, mercury, lead, copper, diamonds, oil, water or other substances

To operate the Precision-Master Rod with the bearing handle, hold it as shown in the picture, antenna fully extended and with a sample of the metal or mineral you are searching for in the sample chamber. You may adjust the antenna length according to whether you want to find nearby or distant targets. When you use the Precision-Master Rod with the low-friction bearing handle, the instrument can swing freely in the direction of your sought-after treasure or mineral deposit. When you think you have found the location of your target, shorten the antenna to see if the instrument will operate in a circular pattern over the top of the target. When using the 24" fiber handles, hold them as shown in the picture and turn slowly in a complete circle, and notice whether the instrument dips or pulls down as you face a particular direction

This instrument can be used to search for gold, silver, diamonds, lead, copper, mercury, or any other metal or mineral

The Precision-Master Rod is a sensitive and accurate dowsing instrument. To the best of our knowledge, the PMR series are the only dowsing instruments to use a radiant energy mineral ore to stimulate the crystal load of the power tube. No serious treasure hunter or prospector will want to be without this instrument or one of the others of the PMR series, once they have tried it

The price of this instrument is $1,395 complete with all accessories shown, including a one-hand bearing handle, spring handle, 24" fibre handles, gold and silver samples, mineral sample set and comprehensive operating instructions. You may send cash, check, money order or charge it to your credit card

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