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BGR (Code: acc-bgr)

BGR Basic Geophysical Receiver Availability: In stock Price: $4,985.00
Manufacturer: accuratelocators

BGR  Basic Geophysical Receiver

Availability: In stock
Price: $4,985.00

BGR  Basic Geophysical Receiver  A VLF Radio Receiver The Accurate Locators AGR & BGR series locators are a Very Low Frequency, tuned direction finding receiver, used for locating the exact resonant frequency of underground noble metals, such as gold, or pay streaks.


The BGR Receiver consists of a sensitive directional electromagnetic field detector (EMF), coupled to a high gain electronic amplifier. The output of this device is connected to a digital display voltmeter to give readings of the field measurement differences in the electromagnetic field detected by indication of signal “Null” or drop in signal received by unit, compared to the highest background (highest number indication). This detection device receives the in-direct AM Radio Frequency field radiating from target as a Resonant Frequency, or the specific signal that the Nobile Metal radiates after being energized.

Locates potential targets at a distance of 100 Feet and a Depth of 100 Feet.
*Target depth and distance maximum range for minimum of 10Lbs of volume

Please go to the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION SECTION  on this page to view the technical information from the Engineer Mr. Decesari, P.E.

Possible Explanation for the Observed Electromagnetic Radiation of Earth Elements

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