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Multi Sensor Pro ART System Metal Detector Availability: In stock Price:$4,995.00
Manufacturer: accuratelocators

Multi Sensor Pro ART System Metal Detector

Availability: In stock

Detect & Pinpoint Gold, Relics, Treasure, And Artifacts Quickly With The Multi Sensor real time imager The Accurate Locator Multi Sensor Imaging System Metal Detector is well suited for the professional gold prospector and treasure hunter.


Multi Sensor Pro ART Metal Detector

The Multi Sensor Pro ART Metal Detector is a state of the art 3D visual imaging sensor system metal detector that is well suited for both the utility locator as well as the professional treasure hunter and for gold prospecting.

The Multi Sensor antenna has an averaging feature where the readings across the antenna are combined and averaged amplifying the target reading for quicker location & identification. This will eliminate small unwanted objects.

This unit provides all the power of our 3D Imaging units in a less expensive, mobile, lightweight, easy to use real-time (live) system. The UMPC’s feature touch screen technology for simple operation. The software renders a real-time representation of the area under the antenna including high, low and current numeric readings. The audio feature can be made more or less sensitive depending on the needs of the ground conditions.

The Accurate Locator Multi Sensor Pro ART Metal Detector is our newest ground imaging sensor unit featuring real-time live numeric averaging and graphic output. The program now features a high beep for strong targets and a low beep for weak targets, (eg. subsurface voids and tunnels) aiding in heads up identification. Get all of the mobility of the PinPointer Pro and the power of an averaging imaging antenna in one package delivering faster target identification over larger areas with the horizontal antenna.

Package price includes a pre-configured Ultra Mobile PC with touch screen technology and Windows XP or better operating system* You may supply your own Pentium 3 equivalent or better laptop, mini or UMPC for a $600.00 (USD) discount.

*Laptop make and model subject to change without notice

    With (Audio Response Targeting)
    Real-Time Averaging Audio-Visual & Numeric
    Ground Imaging Locator Metal Detector
  Multi Sensor Pro ART Complete System Includes:
    Control Unit
    Multi Sensor Pro ART Horizontal Antenna (12 or 20 inch)
    Pre-Configured Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) with Touch screen technology
    UMPC Battery Charger
    USB Cable
    Software USB Flash Drive
    Software CD
    User Manual
    Antenna Case
    Field Pack (Black, Green or Dark Green Camouflage
    36 Month Warranty (Faulty materials or workmanship)
    Control Unit battery
    Battery Charger
    Adjustable 3 Piece Antenna Handle
    Technical Support
    PC Video Glasses

Now Only $4,995 USD
Multi Sensor Pro Now With a 3 Year Warranty!
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